Privacy Policy

The Warwick War Memorial website aims to comply with the United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (UK-GDPR and the Data Protection Act 1981). The Unlocking Warwick volunteers who post material on this site are aware of its provisions.

The deceased are not included in the data protection rules, and the names on the War Memorial are in the public domain by consent of the families. Nonetheless, if close relatives do not want some of their ancestors’ details to be disclosed, contact us and we will consider that request sympathetically.

Sending us photos, letters or information about relatives or colleagues who died in both World Wars will be deemed to mean that we have the consent of the owners to post them on this tribute website, and for other organisations – such as schools, academics, writers, or community groups – to use them in their own projects or publications. If you need to retain copyright of a photo or document, let us know so that we can note that requirement on the website.

Emails or postal details of people who contact the team to pass on information or send photos will be kept securely for up to two years in case we need to contact you; but they will not be shared beyond the Unlocking Warwick database.

We will not pass on your information (e.g. email address) to any external organisation without your consent.

We hold no other details of people who have contacted us other than those they provide.

We will not send out circulars or promotions to people who email us.

The 3 elected officers on Unlocking Warwick are jointly responsible for data protection compliance.