A ‘fabulous’ afternoon

Guests who came to Unlocking Warwick’s Memorial Musical Tea in the Court House ballroom on October 10th, the last day of the Warwick Words History Festival, declared it a ‘fabulous’ event.

There was particular praise for the trio ‘My Favourite Things’ who performed songs from the twenties and forties-fifties with great energy and precision. “Such fun”; “So professional”; “Gorgeous” were some of the comments afterwards.

Volunteers Edwina, Rick and Helen explained that we were marking the centenary of the unveiling of the Warwick War Memorial, with a celebration of the decades of peace that followed the two world wars – periods of changing fashion, art and music.

It was interesting to note that the end of WWI coincided with the Spanish Flu epidemic that killed 50 million people worldwide. But as entertainment venues opened up again, the period became known as the Roaring Twenties.

Between the two sets performed by the singers, Emily, Julie and Imogen, the volunteers served a tea that was in keeping with the early fifties, when rationing was still in force. There were victory rolls, sandwiches and jam-filled Victoria sponge.

Thanks for a splendid afternoon to My Favourite Things, the volunteers from Unlocking Warwick and Warwick Words, and to custodian Chris Saysell for setting up the room so beautifully.