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Poppy on a wooden cross

Remembrance Day – Pictures

There was a particularly large turn-out for this year’s Remembrance Day Service and Parade on Sunday 14th November. The morning service in …

Poppy on a wooden cross

Armistice Day

Here are a few pictures of the brief ceremony held at the Warwick War Memorial on 11th November. Prayers were led by …

Poppy on a wooden cross

A ‘fabulous’ afternoon

Guests who came to Unlocking Warwick’s Memorial Musical Tea in the Court House ballroom on October 10th, the last day of the …

Poppy on a wooden cross

Medals for a Hero’s Granddaughter

Miniature medals presented to Jennings’ granddaughter, Grace. As a final act to help the family of local hero – Company Sergeant Major …

Poppy on a wooden cross

The Boxing Peabody Brothers

In November 1944, Mrs. Ethel Peabody of 58 Millers Road, Warwick, received the news she had been dreading for over four years. …