In The Courier Once Again

As we receive more photographs from family albums and stories about the local men who died in WW2, we are passing some of them to the Warwick Courier.  For the third week, ‘Stories behind the names on the Warwick War Memorial’ have received extensive coverage in the newspaper and online.

This week’s edition (22nd May) has the personal stories of the old boys from Warwick School who are commemorated on the memorial in Church Street. More than sixty men who had attended the school, ‘Warwickians’ as they are known, died in the war. Seven of them were local to Warwick.

Other personal stories reported in the Courier are of Dennis Lloyd, who died at El Alamein serving under ‘Monty’ Montgomery, and Fred Green a local plumber who became a regular soldier, and took his wife Nellie with him when despatched to India.  There is a picture of her in her pith helmet, posing with the other officers. She gave birth to their daughter in October 1941, but six months later, whether from injury or illness, Fred had to be brought back to England and he died in Warwick at the age of forty-one.

See ‘The Fallen’ on the WW2 section of the website for more personal stories from the Second World War.