Talks at the Fusilier Museum

This year’s Saturday Talks at the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum have been announced. They are all at 2pm. The fee is the usual entrance fee to the museum, (£4, concessions £3, children £2) raising funds for its upkeep.

The Fusilier Museum is in St. John’s House
  • February 23rd. The Warwicks in Canada by David Seeney: the service of the 6th of foot on the Canadian Frontier in the 19th Century.
  • March 30th. Gallipoli and the 9th Warwicks by Ian Binnie: the story of the ill-fated campaign in WW1 and how the 8th almost snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.
  • April 27th. Fabian Ware and the Imperial War Graves Commission by Alan Reed: the story of the Commission, its founder and its initial work during and after The Great War.
  • May 25th. Militaria Valuation with David Seeney. Bring your small items.
  • June 29th. German WW1 Aces by Major Mike Atkinson: the fascinating life story of a Blue Max winner.
  • July 27th. The Warwicks and Passchendaele by Ian Binnie: The Third Battle of Ypres, in which many Warwicks played a key part, made a significant contribution to the final defeat of Germany.
  • September 28th. Researching Military Ancestry on the Net by David Seeney: the tricks of the trade – what’s what on the net.
  • October 26th. The Wreck of the Birkenhead by David Seeney: the story of the 1852 wreck – ‘soldiers stand fast’ and ‘women and children first’.
  • November 3rd. The Road to Dunkirk and the Warwicks by David Seeney: the cruel story of the Warwicks during the evacuation.